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Name:Umbra de Cinis
Man, I never know what to write in these things. Does anyone even read them anyway? Sometimes I wonder. For anyone who might, indeed, be reading this profile for some unknown reason though... here's a little bit about this warped little author. I'm sure I'll add things here and there along the way, if for no other reason than to amuse myself:

Name: I have many, but for now you can call me Umbra if you wish. Or Shayde. it's a name I'm quite comfortable with, so it makes a suitable pen name I suppose. Ember is another one. M also works. "Hey you!" works in a pinch and sure gets my attention when it's used right.

Age: 27. In other words, old enough to know better, but still too young to care ;)

Birthdate: March 11th, so I expect presents. Lots of them. I'm only half kidding.

Hobbies: Writing (as if that wasn't obvious), reading, playing video games way too effing much... drawing, singing (with variable degrees of success), making lots of playlists to please my little shipper heart... occasionally abusing commas, making really bad jokes, and using ellipses like they're going out of style.

Fandoms: Geez, this one's going to be hard because I ping-pong all over the place in any given time period. I'll just list any and all fandoms I've been associated with I guess, since this isn't the first journal I've had for writing... I just didn't want to rename (or stay on LJ) and wanted a new start for my current works.

Resident Evil is my major obsession right now, and I've been into it since I was a kid. I remember when Code Veronica X was my favorite thing in the entire world. Albert #$&@*! Wesker... enough said ;)
Silent Hill is just fantastic, and though I haven't dabbled much in writing for the fandom I've done bits here and there that are unpublished. I'm one of the rarities who loved Downpour and the character of Murphy Pendleton.
Final Fantasy is an old love of mine, and I've written bits in the past that dealt with FFX.
Castlevania... another huge video game love of mine. I've written bits here and there, none published. Maybe I'll change that some day ;)
Mass Effect is something I'm in love with, but I've never written anything for it for some reason. Yet.
Dragon Age: Origins - same thing there.
Scandal, Merlin, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, and House are all fandoms I've done some writing for in the past... not into them so much anymore (with the exception of Scandal which is an ADDICTION) but I don't count anything out when it comes to writing anymore.

Favorite Pairings:

WeskerxClaire for RE (sorry, I know there are some of you out there who'd like to crucify me for it but... well, I've tried caring and frankly it just didn't work out)
MurphyxAnne for SH
AuronxRikku for FFX
● Basically anything well written with Trevor and/or Gabriel Belmont in it for Castlevania
ShepardxLiara/ShepardxGarrus for ME
AlistairxFemWarden for DA:O
FitzxOlivia for Scandal (who else, seriously??)
ArthurxGwen mostly for Merlin with bits of ArthurxMerlin
LuciferxGabriel/LuciferxDean/LuciferxSam/DeanxSam for SPN (you can tell that I spent a LOT of time writing and reading in this fandom... and that Lucifer was my fandom bicycle)
AlaricxJenna/AlaricxDamon for TVD
WilsonxCuddy/WilsonxHouse/HousexStacy for House.

I'd also love to say that I ship Chris Redfield x Steroids, just for laughs.

Favorite Video Games:

Resident Evil series, Silent Hill series, Castlevania series, Dead Island, Mass Effect series, Borderlands, Final Fantasy series, Elder Scrolls series, Animal Crossing series, Harvest Moon series, Earthbound (seriously the best game ever... sorry), Super Mario RPG, Pokemon series, Dragon Warrior series... I'm having a feeling this will be an ever expanding section just so I don't spend hours on it right this second.

Favorite Music:

I listen to a little bit of everything, so it's useless to really say... I love hard rock, and I love the oldies. What I really go for are lyrics that inspire me or make me feel something, or instrumental stuff that I can write to. Other than that it'd better be pretty darn catchy or I'm probably not listening to it ;)

Unpopular Opinions:

● Wesker in RE:5 is way hotter to me than early Wesker, sorry. Although I do love that S.T.A.R.S. uniform. Thank you RE:5 Mercenaries mode!
● Although I fell for him in RE:1 and loved him in the early games, part of me always thought CV:X Wesker looked kinda... duck-like. Or like Val Kilmer in Top Gun, LOL.
● I thought DC Douglas did a fantastic job with evolving Wesker's voice while remaining true to the character... he's also a kickass human being, although I'm not sure how many people actually disagree with that (if anyone does, shame on you!)
● I actually understand and almost appreciate Wesker's megalomaniac god-complex streak in RE:5. I feel like it comes down to analyzing his character, where he came from, and the influences at play. I also feel like people who claim he's not the same character have failed to see the evolution.
● Capcom are a bunch of lying liars who lie and Wesker is not dead... sorry, I refuse to believe it and no I will not shut up about it.
● Contrary to popular belief I really don't care about how messed up some people think my favorite ship is. If you don't like Wesker with Claire, that's perfectly fine... but I actually think they make more sense than most of his pairings canonically. Don't mistake that for me believing they are canon.
● I really despise Chris Redfield. I always have... I'm sorry! I'm trying get better, I swear! LOL
● I never understood the appeal of Leon, but I think this is because of the sheer annoyance his first voice actor instilled in me... how did anyone fall for someone with such a whiny voice? No matter... Leon needs love too, just not from me. I don't hate him, I simply don't think of him much.
● Yes, I really do think Wesker is capable of love. I think he's capable of pretty much damn near anything he sets his mind to actually, and I think people need to realize that regardless of whether someone's shut themselves off to human emotions or not... they're still capable of them when inspired to feel. They chose that path. In fact, the people who shut themselves out the most are often the ones who fall the hardest when they break. I should know.
● Volatile pairings are simply the best pairings around... period.
● Haters make me famous ;)

Alright, that's it for now... writers need to sleep too, believe it or not. Some day I'll hopefully get paid to do this but for now I'm pecking away at keys for the benefit of fandom so you're going to have to take what you can get.

A couple more things... I LOVE feedback. Seriously, I crave it. I should have some stories popping up in the near future with any luck at all, so if anyone has anything to say about them at all (and they can mind their manners at the very least) I'd love to hear from them! I'm also open to suggestions or offers, but no guarantees there because the muse doesn't always cooperate when I want it to.

PM's are definitely welcome too... go on, I don't bite. Hard. Unless you want me to ;)

Ta for now.

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